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USM Haller

Sideboard | ZIGZAG by Claudia Comte

Sideboard | ZIGZAG by Claudia Comte

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Limited to 1 piece per customer

Limited to 50 pieces – Do not have any room for plants? You do now: thanks to the USM sideboard with integrated plant accessories you can showcase your favorite plants directly in your furniture and use your USM Haller sideboard not only as a storage space, but also a green eye-catcher. As well as offering storage space and a shelf for books, photos or decorative items, this design classic can also become the green highlight of your home. The plant accessories comprise three pots for your indoor plants, plus one watering set per pot. The watering set ensures that your plants are watered evenly. With two drop-down doors. Plants and substrate are not included.

Including certificate hand-signed by the artist.


L: 373 mm, W: 1523 mm, H: 565 mm


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